Plexus HealthCARE is designed by Intelligent Network Services Limited primarily to arrest the information and communication technologies challenges faced by today's healthcare industry.

It a comprehensive enterprise class health management application which offers a full suite of services giving healthcare providers the means and tools to become more effective and efficient by automating all the medical and administrative functions of today’s modern hospital, clinic, laboratory or emergency centre.
The modules are grouped together under four main menus:

Enterprise Portal - a meeting point for all the staff of the hospital. It includes the corporate information, news, social diary and products and services offered by the hospital.

Collaboration - It includes groupware, chat and knowledge management applications.

Administrative - The administrative module is made specifically for the non-medical staff of the hospital who serve in the administrative departments in the hospital. These include the accountants, HR managers, marketers, operations managers. Health Information System - The Health Information Systems is exclusively meant for the health care personnel like pediatricians, the pharmacist, ophthalmologists, the physicians, the surgeons, hematologists, anesthetists, laboratory technologist and nurses, among others.
  • Excellent Enterprise grade applications (CRM, ERP, Newsletter, payroll, HR, Billing, business forms and surveillance system and many more)
  • Enterprise Class Architecture
  • Decision Support System
  • Comprehensive and powerful EMR
  • Fulfilling the needs of Manage care/NHIS
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management
  • Interfacing with medical equipment
  • SMS Communications
  • User Friendly Web Interface
  • Modularity, Scalability and Flexibility
  • Quick informer (provide telephone details of police, Red Cross, NEMA, Fire Service etc)
  • Secured platform
  • Compliance with Standards
  • Export of Analysis in Excel/Word format for future reference
  • Robust Security mechanism.
  • Front office - Less waiting time for the patient
  • Easy patient enquiry
  • Pre registration to avoid long queues
  • Quick discharge process
  • Single point payment
  • Management - One click information
  • Interactive query for daily transaction summaries
  • Doctor and department monitoring
  • SMS alerts on daily reporting
  • Physician - Easy access to patient information
  • SMS alerts on appointments
  • Patient medical history
  • Electronic prescription printing
  • Access to document archival
  • Personnel - Less with more patient
  • Employment history
  • Payroll processing
  • Finance - Centralised control
  • Integrated with all departments
  • Transaction zooming for easy audit
  • Statutory reports as for decision-making
  • Analytical Data for research purposed
  • Technology – Low cost of ownership
  • Linux server for reliability and scalability
  • Tools - Easy to install and maintain
  • Methodology - Industry standard practices
  • Enhancements - We grow with you
  • Dedicated development team
  • Access to upgrades
  • Backed by a team of professionals
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