PARADIGM is an automated, futuristic, robust, flexible and scalable management information system for global microfinance community.

It provides the key functionality required by MFIs, which includes client management, loan and savings portfolio management, loan repayment tracking, fee and savings transactions, and reporting. It empowers MFIs to have control over their information management, without the enormous expense of building their own system.

It was built on open standard platform to increase the efficiency of MFI operations. The core technology is a user-friendly Web application running on top of a MySQL database.

It is an enterprise-level database that can accommodate an MFI processing anywhere between 1,000 1 million clients. Most importantly, being Web based, it enables a centralized database so that the head office and regional offices are looking at data in real time.
Despite the remarkable impact of microfinance institutions around the world, there are still over 400 million families in need of financial services.

One of the factors inhibiting microfinance institutions from extending their reach is the lack of a flexible, cost-effective technology infrastructure that will allow them to expand their operations to provide loans to more people and to develop new products and services.

There exist a number of off-the-shelf MIS (Management Information Systems) available today, however while a number of the microfinance institutions around the world have implemented automated systems. Those that do invest in technology spend duplicative resources on custom-built systems that are extremely costly and difficult to maintain.

PARADIGM provides a solution to this problem. By building world-class microfinance software using open source technology, the common functionality in areas such as management and reporting can be standardized and shared by everyone. Innovations in microfinance technology can be scaled. Modifications can be developed based on the customer needs.
  • Client, Groups, and Centres
  • Loan Products and Loan Accounts
  • Savings Products and Savings Accounts
  • Search and Browse for Client Accounts
  • Office
  • Systems Users, Permissions and Data Scope
  • Setup, Configuration, & Localization
  • Financial Transactions & Accounting Support
  • Bulk and Batch Processes
  • Audit Trails
  • Login & Security
  • Secured platform
  • Reports.
Web interface - Employs a Web interface, allowing users to work in a highly-intuitive, easy-to-use interface with which they are already familiar. Search and browse tools make it easy to find client information quickly.

Security - The MySQL database-level security ensures that transactions cannot be hacked or changed inadvertently.

Flexibility, Scalability and Extensibility - Paradigm is designed to provide flexibility, scalability, and extensibility. The flexible data model ensures that new functionality can be added without affecting the core functionality. It gives MFIs the capacity to create an unlimited number of highly flexible loan and savings products, to cater to varying service delivery models.

Open Standards - Runs on open standards, meaning open hardware, open database, open J2EE application server and open Java development environment. It does not feature any proprietary technology.

Local Support - Because of our presence in your region, we provide local support for the application thereby providing our customers with short response to support calls.
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