Our systems integrators always integrate to other business units as a matter of strategy so that they think in synchronization to various challenges and customer requirements from other units. The overall effect of this is that we have an arsenal of innovative team that swiftly arrest challenges that may come in the nearest future.

Systems Integration business unit provides solutions in the areas of:
  • Proper integration of network components - software, computers, electronics and infrastructure,
  • Designing various networks like WLAN, VPN, LAN, WAN, MAN,
  • PlanNET A Network System monitoring solution
  • Implementation, configuration, commissioning, optimisation and documentation of networks and their elements such as routers, switches and access gateways,
  • Integration of network elements with other heterogeneous elements like, VoIP gateways, VPN routers, PBX, IPTV,
  • Building Automation System such as data centre, energy management, Heat, Ventilation and Air-conditioning system and power management solution,
  • Security and Access control solutions such as Biometrics, access control, IP camera,
  • Computer Telephony Integration such as IVR, Billing solution, IP-PBX, and Video conferencing.