The company presently has three strategic business units, which are as follows:

Systems Integration and
Software Development

Our strategy is to become one stop shop solution centre for all your information communication and entertainment requirements.

Since no single organisation manufactures all the enterprise IT requirements, there exist a challenge of putting the various units of the network components (software, computers, network electronic and infrastructure) together. This is why we established the systems integration department to put all the network components together. With this strategy, delivering an integrated solution is no more an Herculean task.

The systems integration department engineers all the elements of the value-chain of the service delivery together. While the software department designs the application, the systems integration helps in specifying the server requirements. At the same time, it plugs in the infrastructure to the aggregation points (network electronics).

With this our customer are rest assured of reliability in all the network components. Further to reliability, we achieve high level of availability as the expertise to fix a fault is developed in-house.

Considering the fact that no man is an island, we have partnered with other solutions provide who are within our value chain. This partnership comes in two dimension; outright outsourcing and joint implementation.

Other services that we provide are:
  • PC sales Installation and support
  • Wired and wireless Networking Solutions
  • VSAT Solutions
  • Customised Software Development Solutions
  • Networking Solutions
  • Building Management Systems
  • Turn - key Systems Integration
  • Microwave Installation
  • Telecoms Infrastructure Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Power Systems