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Intelligent Network Services
Intelligent Network Services Limited also known as INS Limited is a multi- disciplinary and diversified company providing value added solutions and services in information communication and entertainment technologies. We employ the best-of-its kind resources in providing solutions and services for our clients. We are a team of experienced professionals in various areas of endeavours.

Our day-to-day running is guided by divine wisdom, professionalism, ethics and observation of various standards that guide our practices. Our strength is in the highly motivated and skilled human asset we employ to provide solutions for our clients. We employ irrespective of sex, religion or ethnic background. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Our Mission
  Our Vision
"To provide customized reliable and effective network solution to the ever increasing and demanding clients through the appropriate applications of the required resources to achieve unrivalled customer satisfaction".
"To be an international leader in our areas of endeavour. We hope to pioneer a culture that will grow with years to establish a new revolution in our industry"
Our Core Values
Our core values represent the priorities for our culture. They drive our behaviours and our attitude towards our clients, customers and partners
Our Core Values are:
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Delight
  • Innovation
  • Team work
  • Excellence


Our Clients
DCC Satellite and Networks Ltd

Alcatel Nigeria Limited

CHAMS Nigeria Plc

MANTRAC Nigeria Limited

Medicare Clinic

Med In Hospital

Expatcare Health International Ltd

Spring Bank Plc

University of Maiduguri staff Clinic
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